Family Businesses are critical to the success of our country’s economy. They employ 80% of the U.S. workforce and create about 85% of all new jobs in the country.  Much more than just small, local shops and farms, over one-third of the companies in the Fortune 500 are family controlled and are among some of the largest companies in our country.  As a committed leader in this path, the FBC offers its members a variety of programs, events, and groups to assist our region in growing and perpetuating its Family Businesses. Our programs include:

Family Forums

Often panel discussions, these are held quarterly and include time for networking, learning, and the occasional happy hour.

T3Me- Talk Technical to Me 

These programs are meant to inform and educate members in technical areas and are provided by FBC sponsors. Topics may include succession planning, acquisition, effective organizational structures and social media strategies.

Affinity Groups

These discrete peer networking groups meet to dialogue about Family Business dynamics and best practices. They serve as a forum to meet with like individuals within Family Businesses to share ideas, trends, issues and opportunities unique to our stakeholders. Affinity groups are organized into:

  • AG-1 – Founders, CEOs and Senior Level Management

Specifically designed for the senior generation family members and senior non-family leaders, discussions for this group are often focused on sharing the challenges and responsibilities of family business leadership and succession planning.

  • AG-2 – Next Generation, Future Family Business Leaders

This group focuses on sharing the experiences and challenges of preparing to become a leader in a family business, including the responsibilities of ownership and leadership.

  • AG-3 – Women in the Family Business

The AG-3 group meets and shares the experiences of women in a family business, working in the business or not.

  • AG-4 – North State Family Business

An alternative discussion group for members living in the northern part of the region who find it more difficult to drive to Sacramento.

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