August 21, 2018 Meeting Recap

Deconstructing Conflict: Understanding Family Business, Shared Wealth and Power

Over the last 10,000 years, the rate of human evolution has increased 100-fold.  Our brains have become more efficient and, therefore, smaller.  Our diet has changed from tough meat and hard roots to softer, easier to chew foods which is why 35% of us are now born without wisdom teeth.

Women’s Affinity Group Discussion, Tuesday August 21st at River City Bank

Where evolution is lagging is in our natural response to conflict and stress.  Originally bred with a ‘fight or flight’ instinct to ensure our survival amongst constant environmental pressures, at the onset of an emergency, our brains flooded our bodies with hormones needed to activate an appropriate response.  Now most of us are safe from daily threats from bears, tigers and invaders, but those same hormones still rule our automatic responses.

So taught Ken Pense of Leadership One to FBC’s Women’s Affinity Group at last week’s meeting: Deconstructing Conflict.  At Leadership One, Ken’s forte is dealing with conflict as it presents itself within the structure of family business.  As a member of FBC, he shared his expertise with the group and led several dozen women through exercises to identify individual physical responses to conflict, how to communicate with an adversary and, most importantly, our obligation to deal with conflict in a mature, constructive matter.

“More often than not, our response to conflict stems from closely held beliefs.  If we can be self-aware enough to know what we hold true, what we’re willing to “die for”, we can become more skilled at identifying our personal triggers and choreograph a forward-moving response,” said Pense.

Pictured left to right: Deborah Fiddyment, Dolly Fiddyment & Diane Fiddyment of Fiddyment Farms

Women in various generations of their businesses, 20- to 90-somethings, representing industries from marketing to real estate, attended the meeting as a benefit of their FBC membership.   An opportunity for women involved in the family business to come together, discuss relevant topics, socialize, and build a strong network.

Meetings for the NextGen, those rising to leadership in the family business, and Presidents/Founders/CEOs Affinity Groups are also held quarterly. If you’re interested in membership please contact FBC.