D A Y   O N E

11 am | Registration Opens
12 pm | Opening Keynote Lunch

Family Owned Business

This session will take a look at the evolution of trust that occurs when a family owned and managed business transitions to a board with oversight by a non-family CEO.  Ruder will also share pivotal moments along the transition and his vision for the future including how family involvement will evolve.

Gun Ruder, President & CEO, S. Martinelli & Company

Gun Ruder, President & CEO, S. Martinelli & Company

Non-fiscal Retirement Planning: Are You Ready to Add former” to Your Title?  

Giving Back: Community Involvement Strategies from Philanthropy to Service 

PAGA Law: How to Protect Your Family Business from Employment-Related Lawsuits

 3:45 pm | Afternoon Keynote Presentation

Guidance on Family Transitions

Join Mary Andringa, Chair Emeritus of Vermeer Corporation, a multi-generational family business with a global reach, as she shares the approaches they have taken to successfully guide their business transitions from one generation to the next. Mary will discuss specific steps they have taken and policies they have implemented to promote successful family, ownership and business transitions, and promote the family values across generations.

Mary Andringa, Chair Emeritus, Vermeer Corporation

5 pm | Afternoon Keynote Presentation

Life After the Sale

Do you believe in silver-linings? Sometimes what can be perceived as the worst decision of all times can in hindsight be a benefit. After, almost 40 yrs. of being pioneers in the California Wine Industry, my family did the unthinkable and sold, not just our winery, but my way of life. What could have been the end of line, turns out to be just another exciting chapter in my family’s continuing journey forward.  Please join me as I talk about “Life after the Sale” and how my family has managed to stay together and remain successful in the wine business.

Chris Benziger, Vinter

Chris Benziger_AB-1451 copy
6 pm | Mix & Mingle Happy Hour Reception

D A Y   T W O

8 am | Morning Keynote Presentations

Using Innovation to Sustain a Family Business

Using Innovation to Sustain a Family Business Since 1985 Sub Sea Systems has made the underwater world accessible to millions of people around the world through unique and “world’s first” products– from semi-submersibles, to helmet diving, solar-electric boats, underwater virtual reality and even an underwater vehicle powered by air bubbles. The company is owned and operated by two generations of family members who attribute their decades of international success to bold product innovation and a collaborative family dynamic.

Jim Mayfield, President & CEO
Hannah de Bie, VP Marketing & Communications
Kyle Mayfield, VP Production
Keenan Mayfield, Director of Sea TREK Operations
Moderator: Mark Haney, HaneyBiz
9:45 am | Breakout Sessions
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Succession Planning
Family Dynamics

A Road Map to Great Sales and Profits

In It For the Long Haul: How Succession Readiness Keeps Family Businesses Strong 

When Family Friction Catches Fire: Practical Advice for Avoiding Interfamily Litigation  

11:15 am | Breakout Sessions 
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Family Dynamics

Level-Up Your Marketing- What You Need to Know to Successfully Market Your Family Business

How do you investigate and discipline Uncle Bob (or any other member of a family business for that matter)?  A Case Study

Sophisticated Family Investments – Why, How and When to Incorporate Private Investments into Your Family Investment Portfolio 

1 pm | Closing Keynote Presentation

The Morning Star Company: Building A Successful Family Business Without Hierarchy

The Morning Star Company has a 40-year history of growth, 30% of the California tomato processing market, and no managers. In a conversation with Todd Rufer and Doug Kirkpatrick, learn how this family business has incorporated a company culture of self-management. Chris Chediak will moderate the discussion of how a self-management culture affects hiring, retention, leadership, and promotion, as well as the next generation of the family business.

Todd Rufer, The Morning Star Company
Doug Kirkpatrick, CEO, D’Artagnan Advisors
Moderator: Chris Chediak, Shareholder, Weintraub Tobin
2 pm | Closing Comments
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