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Family businesses are the lifeblood of California’s economy, employing a significant portion of our workforce and contributing billions to our state’s GDP. The unique nature and challenges inherent in running a family business often require specialized business acumen. The Capital Region Family Business Center’s 2020 Generations Conference is designed specifically with the unique needs and dynamics of family businesses in mind. Now in its fourth year, the two-day event features an action-packed schedule that brings you face-to-face with an impressive roster of local and national speakers and presenters including family representatives. Register today!



What others are saying about Generations:

Sierra Nevada Brewery, family business member, family owned and operated

“Running a family business comes with a unique set of challenges, succession planning at the top of our list. The Family Business Center’s Generations Conference provides the tools to help navigate those challenges, ensuring that California’s family businesses, ours included, remain sustainable and successful.” Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Founder

Betts Company, family business“We’re getting and giving a lot of perspective on being a family business. Doing a lot of contrast and compare and really understanding the nuances of what it takes to run a family business successfully. This is a really amazing experience for me to be around so many companies that are family and generational. Every community has them but we all tend to be a little private and so having this opportunity to come together and be open and share and to do it in an environment where you do feel that it is still private.”  Mike Betts, Betts Company

Flyers, family business, member

“While every company is unique, the common themes and issues family businesses face came up again and again at the Generations Family Business Conference. The conference gave me perspective on my family business that I can’t see from the inside.” Chris Haven, Sales and Marketing Manager, Flyers Energy, LLC

Glenfiddich Whisky logo

“The conference was very enjoyable. I would say that it was really valuable to me as a contributor to consider our family’s development in a structured way. This created some significant new learning, which is all you can ask of a conference of people that have never met each other before.”  Peter Gordon, Director, William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd, Glenfiddich Whisky

Holt of California, family business, member, generations conference“Being able to discuss the similar issues that all family businesses encounter with other family businesses has helped us address our challenges using real world examples, everybody is always willing to share their successes and failures.” Ken Monroe, President, Holt of California

Carriere Family Farms, FBC Member,

“We are looking forward to sending another group of family members to this year’s Generations conference as we found great value in last year’s inaugural program.  Having the opportunity to network with similar businesses experiencing similar challenges is invaluable to give us the boost of energy and confidence we need to address family challenges head on.” Bill Carriere, Carriere Family Farms

Fiddyment Farms, family business center member, pistachios“The Family Business Center allows you to interact with people struggling with the same issues, communication is open and all the forums always  send you away with new ideas and means to use and implement.  The resources and examples from other businesses often validate what does work, that alone is worth membership.” Thomas Dille, Fiddyment Farms

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