Jamie Berry, HUB International


When it comes to sharing the value of FBC membership and sponsorship, we could not have a better partner than Jamie Berry of HUB International Roseville.

A born networker, in his 30 years in Sacramento Jamie has established and nurtured relationships with his hundreds of clients, the insurance carriers that are at the core of his employee benefits business, and the personal friends he has made since graduating from CSU Sacramento.

Jamie is keen to share the advantages of becoming involved in the organization because they were so easy for him to witness at his first FBC event. “The vibe was so welcoming, definitely a more personable experience than any other networking event I had attended. And I had attended plenty! I could tell there was a different value proposition; people were eager to share their business experiences and help one another.”

Afterwards, he was eager to jump right in and use his network and his business’ existing marketing engine on behalf of FBC’s membership committee and to secure sponsors for Generations, FBC’s annual family business conference in February 2019. In our experience, we find that family-owned businesses care more for their employees and, as a result, turnover is less. As a company with a mission to care for our clients’ employees, we really like that. And perhaps selfishly, volunteering for FBC gives a chance to establish communication for potential new clients.”

The messaging Jamie delivers to potential members and sponsors was easy to put together based on his impressions at that first FBC event. There are so many successful members in this organization…certainly the ‘Who’s Who’ in the greater Sacramento area. There’s so much potential for growth and a tremendous value to what this organization is doing for family-owned businesses.”

As an insurance professional who has built his business and reputation on referrals, Berry is proud to claim that his first client from 30 years ago, before HUB International purchased his and partner Mike Briare’s private agency Tevis Insurance, is still his satisfied client today. In fact, several current FBC family business members are also HUB Roseville’s clients, acquired through referrals.

HUB International, Inc.Now as part of HUB International’s nationwide network of insurance brokers, Berry is pleased to be able to continue with their creative and successful business model and unique approach to employee benefits. “HUB lets us run things the way we always have. Because we have our own third party administrator right in our office, we are able to build customized plans with enhanced benefits, sometimes saving as much as $1000 per employee.”

With a large client base of family-owned multi-generational businesses, HUB International understands the needs of FBC’s relationship-focused family business members. Their team staffs an in-house advocacy center to handle personal situations that may arise and to care for employees through difficult times. In fact, covered employees never have to call an insurance carrier themselves. There are lots of opportunities for the healthcare system to fail your workforce. At our enrollment meetings, we remind employees that we are here to help. We are well-versed at producing case studies that illustrate to our carriers that sometimes better care is less expensive.”

Even with a ‘beast’ of a fourth quarter [Up to 85% of HUB Roseville’s renewals occur in November and December due to changes in the Affordable Care Act’s enrollment policy], Jamie, Mike and the team look forward to celebrating the Holiday season by adopting families and sponsoring events for Acres of Hope, a Placer County nonprofit that provides a safe environment and healthy living for homeless women with children, and, of course, attending FBC’s Annual Holiday Social. This year, the company is also sponsoring a family affected by the recent Camp Fire.

Perhaps Berry can best be described as a team player. As a former football player who still enjoys competing in beach volleyball, an eager volunteer and committee member, and someone willing to ‘go to bat’ for his clients, Jamie and HUB International Roseville have been instrumental in strengthening FBC’s community and business outreach team. Thanks, Jamie!