After any time of trial, it can be worthwhile – even valuable – to take a moment of reflection.  We believe that, more often than not, even in the worst of times there are often nuggets of newfound wisdom to appreciate.  And if we search hard enough, we may even discover an unexpected ‘silver lining’ or two.

When we reached out to our membership about this concept, we were pleasantly surprised that many were thinking along the same lines, some even creating dedicated blogs and newsletters to this concept.  We are pleased to share a couple here and hope they serve as a bit of inspiration for the future.

As a technical advisor, DCA is incredibly involved in FBC and we couldn’t be more thankful for their participation and counsel.  In this economic climate, we were certain that some of their clients – even the business itself – were in unprecedented situations.

The team was grateful to discover technological tools that allowed them to collaborate and communicate better—tools that they will continue to use even post-pandemic. Some of the team took a moment to recognize how time at home benefited them personally…

“Since the lap pools closed, I've had to run outside for exercise, which I was never good at. Now I'm running faster and longer distances and completed my first (virtual) 5K race last month.” - Amanda

“Working from home allowed me to witness my son experiencing many firsts, including speaking his first words!” - Casey

“My two sons, who live in Southern California, stayed with us during quarantine. It was great spending time with both of them!” - Curt