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April 6, 2018


Half-Day Event Supports Region’s Family Businesses

Sacramento, CA – Capital Region Family Business Center (FBC) is pleased to announce that registration is open for its Family Business Forum.  Scheduled for Tuesday, April 17, the event will address situations that every business faces:  how to successfully transition – to the next generation or non-family – or, if necessary, reinvent the family business.

Family businesses are the lifeblood of California’s economy, accounting for 66% of the state’s GDP and employing 64% of its workforce.  While these businesses have a tremendous impact, very little from a traditional business model translates to the unique dynamics of working for and alongside family members.  FBC seeks to fill that void through inventive programming that offers education, support and networking specifically through events such as its Spring and Fall Family Business Forums.

This month will feature two dynamic speakers at the helm of regional businesses that have experienced momentous situations that have rocked foundations of their organizations.  Now under the direction of fourth generation Ken Dwelle, chief operating officer, Flyers Energy has thrived after the painstaking decisions to re-direct the business, solicit the guidance of a non-family CEO, and ultimately sell the retail sector of the business.  Carefully considered risk and stable growth has now poised the company as a major competitor in the energy sectors of California, Nevada and Arizona.

Stan Van Vleck, president of Van Vleck Ranch, will review the major turning points along his path to rebuilding, including growing the business tenfold, and advise on best practices to reinvent, diversify, or even transition a family business.  In 2005, understanding the need for family businesses to have a dedicated resource from which to learn about estate planning, taxes, engaging the next generation and succession, the Van Vlecks were one of the founding families of FBC.   With Stan father’s passing and without a solid succession plan yet in place, the next generation was left to pick up the pieces and battle through establishing a new leadership model at the company, most of which left the business in distress and the family fragmented and communicating around non-disclosure agreements.  Stan will recount his journey, how he was able to take the family’s generic beef to an ultra-premium product, and how he plans to reorganize the business to improve its chance for his children, who are set to succeed him.

FBC’s newly reformatted forums are perfectly suited for busy professionals who seek to dive deep into topics that are intrinsic to a successfully operated and managed family business while still allowing for an afternoon at the office.

“We want to be an effective partner for our family business members and believe that a deep yet succinct half-day session is an exciting new format for our members,” commented FBC Executive Director Stella Premo.

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Stella Premo, Executive Director

Capital Region Family Business Center



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Established as a 501c(3) in 2007, the mission of Capital Region Family Business Center is to promote growth and prosperity for all family businesses in the greater Sacramento region.  At the foundation of all programs are its core values: trust, affinity, education, collaboration and prosperity.