Stephen Fleming, River City Bank

Dear Members,

As representatives of family businesses, we have many things in common. The fact that we can address these commonalities, including even some of our challenges, is what makes FBC effective as an organization.

We know that philanthropy is a driving force in family business, one that often links the culture of a family to its business. This is why FBC keeps a keen eye on philanthropy, and while many of our programs are around succession, governance, and leadership development, we understand that philanthropy is very important to many of our family businesses and our communities.

At River City Bank, we believe community involvement is part of our mission, not our obligation. As such, our support of local non-profit organizations is an essential value within our corporate culture. Our officers serve on a number of boards and in leadership and advisory capacities for community development organizations which serve the greater Sacramento area. In addition, River City Bank provides funding to a myriad of nonprofit organizations through the Kelly Foundation, started by River City Bank’s founder, Jon S. Kelly. Today it is the 5th largest foundation in the Sacramento region, providing grants to educational institutions, hospitals, cultural activities, health, and human services, with an emphasis on organizations that benefit children.

If you believe that philanthropy is a key component to your business and you value being a vibrant community partner, we encourage you to take our online survey and share with us how your family business approaches philanthropy. We will be sharing our collective efforts at the Generations Conference, April 2-3 with a special session focused on the power of community engagement.

Seeing our members engaged in the community makes us collectively stronger in business, in family, and as an organization.

See you soon.

Steve Fleming | President/CEO | River City Bank
Board President