Dear Members,

Stephen Fleming, River City Bank, FBC Board President

Well, we did it! I’m beyond pleased to announce that the FBC has acquired its 100th member, plus a few more. There’s no doubt in my mind that our quality programming and dynamic outreach, especially since Executive Director Stella Premo has taken the reins, has allowed us to meet this goal that was set by the Membership Committee. Special thanks to Kevin Fat (Fat Family Restaurants) who chairs the Membership Committee, along with each of the members of the Membership Committee, for playing a key leadership role in this effort.

It shouldn’t go unnoticed that we saw seven family businesses react favorably to the programming at the 2019 Generations Conference by committing to join our membership on the spot. More than once, we heard that a keynote or breakout speaker had touched on an issue that was a current concern in our new members’ businesses – more proof that the information exchanged at Generations is positively affecting the professional and personal lives of our members.

Speaking of Generations, Amber Holwell (River City Bank), her co-chair Justin Horner (DCA Capital Partners), and the rest of the Generations Conference team, must be congratulated for planning and executing another great event. As a firm believer in this organization, and leader of a family business myself, it is always a joy for me to see members from diverse businesses and industries from across the region interacting with each other and receiving the support they need to thrive. Details for Generations 2020, an event you won’t want to miss, will be announced shortly.

Happy Spring,

Steve Fleming | President/CEO | River City Bank
Board President