Jodi Dillon, Zuda Yoga





Even with intimate studios in Roseville and Folsom and fewer than 20 employees, Jodi Dillon of Zuda Yoga knows that she struggles with some of the same issues as larger companies. That is why she is eager to take her business acumen to the next level with advice from her FBC family business member colleagues. Since her son and daughter, also in the business, attended their first FBC event, Dillon has embraced new procedures in her business.

The skills needed to teach yoga, which come very naturally to her, are very different from those needed to own and operate a successful studio and business.

“As a teacher, I need to be learning and growing so that I’m not stagnant. As a business owner, I need refine, organize, create goals, and experiment. We’re not a corporation, we don’t have a national presence, so I need to work smarter to overcome the obstacles that plague small businesses. Especially in California, it’s getting harder and harder to operate here: rising workers comp rates, payroll taxes, not being able to buy in bulk or take advantage of tax incentives.”

Inspired by FBC’s focus on networking and sharing for the common good, Jodi has embraced her competition, seeking opportunities to interact with those within her industry. “I have to remind myself that there is enough opportunity for us all to be successful. I find comfort in sharing my challenges, knowing I’m not alone.”

To Dillon, managing family dynamics within the business is a priority. Issues in her relationships with her children, no matter how seemingly insignificant, are magnified in the small environment, leaving her to discover the balance between mother and supervisor. She understands that it is that balance that attracts her clientele who, despite constant connection via technology and social media, relish the family feel of the studio.

A studio owner since 2015, she teaches her members about the “more than 100 years of medical research on anxiety and depression, what they used to call melancholia. I know there’s not a pill you can take that’s more powerful than simply managing breath.”