It has been almost a year since the owners of Incredible Pets, Sharon and Jack Love, joined the list of Family Business Center members. With six locations scattered throughout northern California, the Loves and their employees have been serving customers (and their pets), offering quality pet products and a top-notch customer experience since 1995.

As the Love family’s three daughters and son-in-law develop leadership roles within the company, setting up a succession plan has become of utmost importance to the family. “We understand that the key to long-term success and viability of our business is succession planning,” commented Sharon Love. “Up to this point we’ve been unsure how to go about it—then we found FBC,” she added.

Since joining the organization, the Love family has taken advantage of their FBC membership by attending multiple workshops and AG2 events to help prepare them for the next stage of their business. “We love that our children are interested in carrying on the family business. It gives us great pride that the tradition of running a family business will continue,” Sharon said.

Running a family business is not the only tradition the Loves have passed along to their family. They have also instilled a tradition of charitable giving, especially throughout the holiday season. “Our philosophy is to give a little bit to everybody,” commented Sharon. Whether that means donating dog food to local shelters, hosting in-store collections for rescue shelters and shelter families, or supporting local homeless and their pets, Incredible Pets demonstrates the spirit of giving, year-round. “We feel giving back to our community is an important part of being a family business owner,” said Sharon. “The community is just an extension of our family.”