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As an angel investor, Sacramento native Mark Haney’s business ventures may be widespread, but his goal remains focused and singular: to create a community of entrepreneurs that know and help each other succeed. As an entrepreneur himself, his vision is to grow a community of one hundred business partners that are valued at $1 million here in Sacramento. And he is well on his way.

Through his company HaneyBiz, Mark has developed a multi-pronged venture that brings together local capital, the expertise of his network and his community of investors to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in Sacramento. His team has established an innovative roster of events and opportunities to communicate Haney’s passion for entrepreneurism and create access for his investees. With a robust event calendar, weekly podcast and a local talk radio show, Mark IS the voice of entrepreneurism in our region.

Mark Haney, HaneyBiz

HaneyBiz may be an asset for family businesses, but it is also a family business itself. His wife, son, and daughter all work in partner businesses and his investment portfolio shows that he has a special passion for family business. Daughter Ashley, a real estate broker, launched Haney Garcia Real Estate and grew the company to roll into the Coldwell Banker portfolio, and his wife Stacey and son Marcus operate Allegiant Giving, a nonprofit that supports veterans through their transition from military to civilian life.

Outside of his own family, Mark has personally invested in dozens of businesses, many of them family-owned, and is a tremendous support for these freshman companies. As Haney says, “Nobody builds a truly great company alone. We are currently invested in nearly 40 local businesses and growing and building our network of angel investors and business experts to provide the money and know-how that early-stage companies need to achieve their dreams.”

His battle cry could certainly apply to other industries but is especially fitting for family businesses where office dynamics can become tricky. He advises, “Don’t coach or manage from the press box. To lead our team to victory, we must work in the trenches, understand customer needs, live our teammates’ challenges and innovate swiftly. If we’re not growing, we’re likely dying.”

The Haney Family

Mark keenly understands the role of CEO and cautions business leaders to heed this suggestion: “The biggest decisions we make as CEOs are centered around resource allocation. Surround ourselves with the strongest inner circle, focus time on the most important issues, and bet heavily when we know the time is right. Also outsource; it’s a hedge against economic uncertainty because expenses are more variable. Consider shared works space, bookkeeping, IT and HR services to avoid more permanent headcount and expenses.”

As his investees can attest, HaneyBiz can help. Through their work, our community and family of businesses are becoming more united by embracing the larger cause of hometown entrepreneurship and investment. As Mark likes to say, “put your money where your town is.”

Shop local, build local, invest local, relentlessly local. Because as our entrepreneurs succeed, we all succeed.”