Welcome to the FBC Family Selby’s Soil Erosion Control Co. Inc!

At Generations, Bigelow Tea CEO Cindi Bigelow recounted her personal history with the company and how she found the means to establish a successful professional relationship with her retiring father. Soon after, Jay Selby, CEO of Selby Soil, said, “She just told my life story!” It’s that synergy that fires up our members and encourages guests to join, which Selby and VP Brandon Coppedge did on the spot.

Founded in the 1960s, Selby’s Soil Erosion Control Co. Inc. has become a leader in the erosion control industry. Using various methods, a large fleet of equipment and experienced crews to stabilize slopes and beautify California, the company tackles public and private projects of various types and sizes including airports, highways, dams, levees, housing developments, wildfire revegetation and parks. With the recent wildfires, Selby’s expertise has become even more relevant.

“Post-fire erosion control is never planned work, but it seems to happen every year where we have massive wildfires,” says Selby. “Our customer base is all over the board. It could be the US Forest Service for a huge area of national forest land that’s burned down or the California Department of Water Resources when lakes or reservoirs are surrounded by fire,” he added. 

That was the case in October 2017 when several sources of drinking water were at risk.  Afterwards, when several months of sustained rain make flooding a serious concern, Selby is again poised to respond, working on various levee projects.

We are excited to have the team on board and look forward to welcoming them into the NextGen Affinity Group.