We are #familybusinessstrong

Over the past several months we have been highlighting some inspiring member stories and updates on our website, our social media channels, and in our emails. These stories shine a bright light on just how special family businesses are (we admit we’re a bit biased, but we value you as members and will always help family businesses grow and prosper.) and the creativity, flexibility, and resilience they have exhibited. We can see first-hand how family businesses invest in their communities and those of their customers and, although 2020 has been a stressful year, we know for certain that they are a dynamic and instrumental part of our economy, our livelihoods, and our organization.

Take a moment to read their stories:

Not unlike most companies, in March when the mandated closures were issued, BIS had to quickly switch to remote working. Luckily, 90 percent of their employees were already set up at home – but the real challenge was finding the balance between communicating for work while respecting each person’s home environment.

The need for resilience in today’s business climate is showing no signs of slowing down so, this week, we bring you a chapter from Flyers Energy, LLC, a multi-faceted company that serves as an authorized ExxonMobil distributor, producer of renewable energy, cattle waste biodigester, solar management company and investment company.

All Fat Family restaurants, as expected, switched to a to-go only model the day of the mandated closures. The to-go team stepped up and successfully responded to the increased demand for takeout orders. A more challenging situation was paving a path for a return to in-door dining.  Once restaurant reopening guidelines were released, the executive team quickly got to work.

After any time of trial, it can be worthwhile – even valuable – to take a moment of reflection.  We believe that, more often than not, even in the worst of times there are often nuggets of newfound wisdom to appreciate.  And if we search hard enough, we may even discover an unexpected ‘silver lining’ or two.

Along with a shortage of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, you probably also noticed the bare shelves in the rice aisle. Lundberg Family Farms was already facing an increase in demand due to the bankruptcy of a leading private label supplier and had made plans to “plant all we could plant”.

Grant and Tyler Deary, part of the family ownership group of Nor-Cal Beverage, manufacturer and packager of ready-to-drink teas, ades, sparkling waters, energy drinks, juices and other noncarbonated drinks as well as a service provider for fountain drink and draft systems – both considered essential businesses under shelter-in-place guidelines.

With Major League Baseball in disputes as to how many games will be played and at what salaries, the season has a July start date, taking the majority of the season from the Savage Family, owners and operators of River Cats.