Dear Members,

Steve Fleming and Stella Premo at an FBC Family Forum event.

A few months ago, we planned the content for this newsletter about the exciting ways some members are prioritizing and implementing innovations in their businesses. Never in a million years could we have imagined the need for innovation upon us now due to the impact of COVID-19. We are in unprecedented times and our daily routines with our work and home lives have been upended. The mass amount of media coverage of the pandemic can be shocking and overwhelming at times. Most significantly, we suspect that most of us are feeling a sense of uncertainty about our immediate futures which makes planning that much more difficult. We know that you are striving to navigate changes as they come, and we are too.

We applaud our members who are making innovative moves to take action, take care of each other, and show their resilience. Many of our region’s family businesses are applying special policies and incentives to see that their customers and employees are safe and engaged. Read more about what other member businesses, like Raley’s and Mikuni are doing here.

“As a leadership group, we are here to support your businesses and families as we all make sense of how we will sustain and move forward through the ever-changing rules of life during a pandemic. History has shown us that we can persevere through immense struggle and crisis. This isn’t the first stock market crash, economic downturn, or health pandemic that we have faced, and it won’t be the last. We are in this together and will come through the other side stronger than before.”

We are taking input from our members, considering options, and working to implement programs that can provide advice, insight and a path for the future. This week’s webinar with Sac State professors Drs. Ryan Fuller, Joseph Taylor, Reena Haymond, and Nitin Roy proved to be such a program. We hope it proved informative and impactful to liaise with local experts on the pandemic.

We hope the next time we connect with you will be under more promising circumstances. Until then, stay safe.

In good health,

Steve Fleming, FBC Board President &  Stella Premo, FBC Executive Director