Dear Members,

From the smallest ‘mom and pop’ to our largest family business members, we have all been challenged to meet changes in our businesses that even the most prescient could not have forecasted. Some are weathering disastrous declines while others are sleepless trying to accommodate an unplanned but appreciated boon. To say the last six months have been difficult is an understatement.

Through these throes, we have witnessed communities come together to share ideas, lend a helping hand, and support each other in business. And the creativity and resilience are astounding and will continue to be so.

Founded with the mission to support all family businesses, we as the board of directors, committee members, and volunteers continue to delve into what you need to succeed and are dedicated to developing effective resources to meet those needs.

In July we conducted the Family Business Insight Survey to gauge the sentiments of the family businesses in our region. Thank you to the member businesses that took the time to respond for the benefit of all. Please continue reading for some takeaways from the survey. We know that robust dialogue and communication can only strengthen our organization and will continue to provide opportunities for feedback.

From the survey, we learned that the Generations Family Business Conference is one of the most important member events that we deliver. It’s terribly unfortunate that we are not able to gather in large groups for the foreseeable future.

The board of directors and planning committee weighed our options against the threat of diluting the value of the conference, collectively we decided to postpone the event until we can meet safely as a family business community.

We thank Generations Chair Justin Horner for his insight and look forward to greeting our sponsors, speakers, volunteers, and attendees at the Sacramento Convention Center when we can meet in person. In the meantime, please join the virtual events over the next few months. We have a great mix of programs that are certain to be entertaining.

Stephen Fleming
Stella Premo, Executive Director, FBC