Thank you to everyone who participated in our family dinner night featuring Taro, sushi chef extraordinaire!

Thank you to Elevation Ten Winery for donating the wine everyone enjoyed. This event requires a lot of hands-on work and it takes a team of Mikuni staff along with FBC staff and volunteers to make it all happen. Since the pandemic began Mikuni has done 15 virtual Sushiology classes, two of which were with FBC members! Since retiring, Reverend Arai gets so much fulfillment out of his role teaching kanji in the Sushiology class, and Mrs. Arai was SO excited to be a part of this class as well.

Did you know that 25 pounds of fish and 432 individual shrimp were used for our dinner?  We had 72 members participate, which meant 72 kits needed to be packed and that included 144 little bottles filled with special sauces! Timewise it took over eight hours to prepare! And, of course, a wonderful event like this wouldn’t be possible without all of our amazing members!

Here are some photos from the event. Enjoy!



Delivery time! Each of these coolers is filled with fresh fish (on ice!), rice, toppings, and fixings to make your own version of Mikuni at home!
Ryan Beatie with Holt of CA picking up his order at Mikuni!
Thanks to Shawn McElmoyl with Wells Fargo for delivering! He's pictured here with Stella Premo.
Jennifer Bernel & Stella Premo loading up deliveries.
Technical Advisor Mike Rivera with Bank of the West grabbing his deliveries at Mikuni Roseville.
Thank you Julie Newton with Grow West for making deliveries!
Taro and his momma! She was the first chef in the family.
Dogs love sushi too! Pictured here with Maggie Bender-Johnson and Jillian Cormier of Bender Insurance Solutions is Winnie.
Molly Dog waiting for some SUSHI to ROLL onto the floor! Pun intended 😉
Toddlers LOVE Mikuni!
Three generations making sushi!
Cheers to Taro! Thank you from the FBC Family to your family! <3