Dear Members,

Board President, Steve Fleming and Executive Director, Stella Premo.

It’s an exciting time at FBC! Just since January, we have grown by 13 new family business members. This growth has created the opportunity to launch an Ambassador Program to help orient our new members to the benefits, activities and events at FBC.

Please help me welcome our new FBC Ambassadors and, when you see them, thank them for their efforts to sustain a robust Family Business Center.

• Nancy Gilfillan, Pyro Spectacular
• Tyler Deary, NorCal Beverages
• Nathan Boyce, BFBA
• Eric Burger, Burger Rehabilitation
• Ryan Beatie, Holt of CA
• Kelsey Monroe, Holt of CA

If you would like to join them and become an FBC Ambassador, or if you would like to help us with membership recruitment, please reach out to me. A growing organization means more family businesses helping others with their unique challenges such as succession planning, the theme of this month’s newsletter.

Stella Premo and Dinger hanging out at last years Family Night at the River Cats!

In addition, we are very happy to see that there is a vibrancy to our events. If you haven’t been to an FBC event recently, please plan to join us and meet other family business members at FBC Family Night with the River Cats at Raley Field on July 26. This year, we’ve chosen a Friday night so that we can enjoy the post-game fireworks show presented by fellow FBC member Pyro Spectaculars.

The Generations Committee is currently seeking family business members to help guide programming for the April 2-3, 2020 Generations Conference breakout sessions. The committee meets once a month between now and April and the input from family businesses is critical for us to provide the highest quality programs for our members. Will you join us?

Stella Premo – Executive Director
Capital Region Family Business Center