Dear Members,

When I came on board two years ago, I was immediately impressed with the dedication of our volunteers to put the FBC front and center as a resource for family owned businesses. Today is no different. Volunteers are comprised of many of our family owned businesses in our region and sponsor members. Our committee members volunteer countless hours designing programs that will yield the highest benefits to our members. When you attend an event please take a moment to thank our board members, committee chairs and vice chairs, committee members and programs leads.

If you are interested in sharing the comradery of your fellow family business members, please contact me or any of our committee chairs and we’ll be happy to find a good fit for you.

Amber Holwell, Chair Generations Conference Committee

Gina Lera, Chair Programs + Events Committee

Kevin Fat, Chair Membership Committee

Also, please welcome our new members to the FBC Family. Many of our new members have come as a referral from our family members and sponsor members. We can’t thank you enough for inviting your colleagues to events to check us out, or just recommending that they contact us directly for a one-on-one. For the most part, if you encourage them to check us out, they are likely to join. And, this helps our organization grow stronger. Please help our new members feel welcome and keep sending other family businesses our way. We are stronger together.

Myself and Board President Steve Fleming with Ken Dwelle at the Spring Family Business Forum, April 17, 2018.

If you attended the Spring Family Business Forum, you heard from Ken Dwelle from Flyers, and Stan Van Vleck from Van Vleck Ranch and you know what truly powerful presentations they gave in our new ½ day format. We were lucky enough to have a room filled with members to hear Ken talk about the three inflection points in the history of Flyers: (1) The controversial sale of Beacon Oil, which was founded by his grandfather, in 1981; (2) the decision to hire a non-family CEO; and (3) the recent decision to sell the retail division of their business and diversify. Stan Van Vleck with Van Vleck Ranch spoke candidly about the sudden passing of his father and the difficulty that took place when an estate plan hadn’t been properly established. He shared how he was able to keep the Ranch in the family and how he is currently working now to get his children involved in the business.

On October 10, please join us for the Fall Family Business Forum: Rise to Leadership, featuring, Shawn Devlin, River City Bank; Allison Otto, Otto Construction; and Dina Kimball, Royal Electric will all be panelists for the morning session. The ½ day event is still being organized by event leads, Pat Lewis, River City Bank and Maggie Bender-Johnson, Warren G. Bender Co., and poised to deliver an outstanding event that you won’t want to miss.

And, it goes without saying that the Generations Conference committee has a great lineup of keynote speakers for the February 11-12 Conference. Here is a sneak peek at our current lineup Andy Unanue, AUA Private Equity Partner, board member GOYA; Lamberto Frescobaldi, 30th generation Frescobaldi Toscana; Cindi Bigelow, CEO/President, Bigelow Teas. We are offering members only presale tickets before we open early bird registration on September 4. So, if you want to take advantage of the presale, go online to

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event very soon!


Stella Premo

Executive director