The only thing that is constant is change. We can see it as the seasons are changing from winter to spring (sometimes all in the same day!), as the day turns to night, and as we watch our children grow. But, we rarely see it when it happens in our businesses and sometimes dramatic changes are exactly what we need take action. Very attuned family businesses are constantly adapting and responding to change and this is spectacular to witness. How does your family business stay tuned in to new technology practices or market trends? Does your corporate culture fear change, or do you embrace new ways of solving problems as a way to constantly evolve?

The recent Next Generation Leaders Affinity Group recently spent two sessions talking about how to evaluate and change company culture. They learned how to identify their own values and how they compare to the values of the family business and of those they work with. They learned the importance of identifying where the gaps are in their cultures and how to go about creating the changes within themselves and how this permeates changes in others. It was a fantastic dialogue that will continue to expand as the NextGen Leaders continue their work together this year. This group meets again in June to discuss difficult conversations. These half-day events are facilitated by Kevin McCarthy, a very skilled leadership development coach and change facilitator. Stay tuned for how to register.

Of course, change can be scary, too.  Even after gathering data and evaluating options, we may second guess major changes that we make. That’s the way I feel about the some of the changes that we have made with our programming this year and it is my strongest desire that we have hit the mark. You see, over the past two years the thing that I heard most when speaking with our members is that you want to network, you want to have deeper conversations about what really happens in the family business and you want to explore best practices. That is why we pulled our technical series, T3Me, this year to focus on fewer events with greater content and appeal. That is also why we constantly seek your feedback through surveys one-on-ones. Our only purpose as an organization is to help family businesses grow and prosper and, as your needs change, well, we need to change right along with you. I hope you make time to come to the Affinity Group meetings and the upcoming Family Business Forum on April 17. If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact me directly at 916.771.3220 or via email at


Stella Premo