Event Details

November 18, 2021 | 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Talk with Technical Advisors one-on-one and get your questions answered by experts! Plus engage in conversation with members to compare notes and hear best practices.

Dr. Bienati will offer tips and best practices in how to keep conversations positive while navigating the cross-section of family and business.

Office Hours is a member-only benefit that offers participants an opportunity to chat with experts. This session we will dive into difficult conversations that can happen over the holidays at family gatherings and at the dinner table. Dr. Bienati is opening up his “office” to YOU!  Ask questions, listen in to other members and have some quality one-on-one time with someone who is experienced and knowledgeable in the topic of “Difficult Conversations.”

This program is private and personal and will not be recorded due to the sensitive nature of this topic.


Do you have questions about navigating conversations about business during “family time”?

  • What is a good strategy to let family members politely know to LEAVE ME ALONE when I am enjoying eggnog with grandma? It never fails, at every family gathering I am asked about investing in someone’s “start-up” or “best friends new business”? Sometimes I don’t want to talk business!
  • What can I say to my share holder cousins who always offer business advice, but live two states away, and have never worked in the family business?
  • My brother always refers to me as the “lazy one” at the dinner table when everyone is around. How do I let my family know I don’t have the same passion for the family business as they do? Since I don’t live and breathe it, I am considered lazy.
  • What always comes up at your dinner table you could use some insight on on how deal with?  EMAIL your questions in advance!

WHEN: Thursday, November  18|  4 pm

WHERE: Online webinar through Zoom (Login information will be available after you register.)



Dr. Larry Bienati has over 35 years’ senior level leadership experience in various organizational settings. Since 1988 Larry has taught in many Bay Area Universities, including Saint Mary’s College where he served as lead faculty for the highly successful accelerated BA in Management Program, U.C. Berkeley’s Worldwide Business Programs, the California Maritime Academy and his current role at Sacramento State University serving in faculty roles for many executive leadership development programs and the EMBA program.

Larry is a respected professional speaker, consultant, author, and practitioner in the areas of human resource strategy, complex employee relations, investigations, labor relations, executive compensation, strategic planning, Carver Board Governance Models and high-level facilitations. In recent years, Larry has dedicated his practice to strategy formulation, change management, start-up ventures, merger integration, leadership development, mediation, succession planning and ownership transitions. He currently teaches as an Associate Professor in the Doctor of Psychology program currently at California Northstate University in Rancho, Cordova.


As an FBC member you are invited to join a collective conversation with other FBC members, including our Technical Advisor member experts.

Office Hours is a member-only Family Business Center program that can be listened to on-demand. Sessions are recorded live on Zoom and audio files are only accessible to members through a member-only portal.  The purpose of Office Hours is to provide timely and topical information to our members in an informal format. Therefore, we are offering recorded meetings that will enable our members to listen to content on-demand after each session.

The format begins with our Technical Advisors setting up the discussion on a current issue. We’ll have prepared questions to keep the conversation going, and if members can join the call, we’ll take questions live.