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November 15, 2022 | 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Kevin McCarthy, ChangeRX
Kevin McCarthy, ChangeRX
Take part in a joint Affinity Group event for all CEO’s, Founder’s, President’s AND NextGen Leaders:

Leadership coach Kevin McCarthy will provide you with an opportunity to do some critical thinking and assessments in order to best determine how to lead your family business into the next generation. Lunch will be provided and stay after for a networking mixer!


Leaders have unspoken mindsets around how to lead a business.  Additionally, leaders often don’t think about how the changing contexts of a business may require one to build new skills and rely less on old skills.

In these two seminars, we will explore a series of models allowing family members to talk together and explore their individual and collective thinking around the challenges of leading a business and the unique challenges that family businesses face when multiple generations are actively leading.

M O R N I N G    S E S S I O N

Build a shared vision and language for leading your family business.

In any business, leaders must align around the key attributes of the business.  In this session, we will guide you through some models that will facilitate or ensure aligned thinking around your business model, your organizational design, and choices around managing operation and leading change.

A F T E R N O O N   S E S S I O N

Create a culture that is a competitive advantage in your family business.

A critical attribute for any business is its culture.  We will explore the dynamics of family and business culture, the unique challenges of culture for family businesses, and how to test, build or transform a business culture to ensure alignment with strategy.

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